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Prove to the world you know your stuff with 3 end-user certifications

The only official online, proctored certifications by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online
  • Boost your resume by demonstrating your QuickBooks Online expertise to potential employers

  • Validate your QBO knowledge with multiple-choice, matching, and true/false questions

  • Prove your QuickBooks Online competency after passing a 37-question exam

Frequently asked questions

What is Certification?
Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, offers two types of certification to validate your knowledge and skills:

  • The Certified QuickBooks User exams prove that you know how to use QuickBooks for a business (either Desktop or Online).

  • The Certified Bookkeeping Professional Exam validates your bookkeeping and accounting skills beyond QuickBooks.

How do I get it?
You can take the exams at universities and technical schools, which cost $130 each (plus possible fees at the testing location). But if you take our classes, we’ll pay for your certification exam!

  • You get all three Intuit end-user certification exams and a retake for each with Complete Training & Live Help.

  • Or you can take the 2-day class and receive a single exam (and a free retake) for the version of QuickBooks you learned.

Certification is a must-have for anyone who wants to work as a Bookkeeper and use QuickBooks.

Join the 15,000+ people we've helped get QuickBooks certified