Upcoming QuickBooks Online classes

Why attend?
We asked students what they liked most about our live in person and online (webinar) classes. These are the top 4 reasons they shared…

Comprehensive training

Get Confidence for the Real World

You’ll leave the class with the confidence that you know QuickBooks, you’re doing a good job, and you’re ready to tackle QuickBooks. After two days with us, you’ll be QuickBooks Confident and can spend more time on other parts of your job.

Relaxed classroom setting

We make it easy to learn

Students love our classes because our instructors keep it simple. Even if you’re brand new to QuickBooks you’ll feel at home in our classes. No confusing accounting jargon or terms. We make QuickBooks easy!

Your questions answered

Leave with answers

Learning QuickBooks can be challenging, and you always seem to have more questions. We encourage you to bring all your questions. After 21+ years we’ve designed the content based on what students want and need to know. But if your question isn’t covered,  no problem! Your instructor will stay to help you one-on-one to get you the answer you need.

Tips & tricks to fix QuickBooks

Tips and tricks to solve problems

QuickBooks training is all we do. You get a true QuickBooks training expert to teach you…at a fraction of the cost for a consultant or CPA. And more importantly, you’ll leave with tips and tricks that save you time and money.

Foundations – Get started and set up the right way

  • Identify your version of QuickBooks and discover what features are available in other versions.
  • Set up your company (or discover possible errors if you’ve already set up).
  • Set up online banking and connect your bank and credit cards.
  • Import data from Excel and other sources.
  • Best ways to move around and find what you need…fast!
  • How to get help when you need it.

Everyday transactions

  • Sales & money in:
    • Estimates, invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, and customer statements.
    • Run and customize sales & customer reports to get deeper insights about customers and sales.
    • Stay on top of who owes you and reminding late customers to pay.
  • Expenses & money out:
    • Bills, bill payments, checks, electronic payments, debit card purchases, bills vs. checks, petty cash, and vendor credits.
    • Run and customize expense & vendor reports to get deeper insights about how and where you’re spending money.
  • Inventory: Set up inventory parts, purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory.
  • Sales Taxes: set up, adjust, pay, and report sales taxes.

Special transactions

  • Give and receive refunds.
  • Record and apply credits you give customers or receive from vendors.
  • Record credit card transactions – and train QuickBooks to do this for you.
  • Discover when (and how) to Void vs. Delete a check.
  • Track customer deposits/down-payments.

Tips & tricks

  • Clean up lists (delete, hide and merge).
  • Sort and customize lists.
  • “Collapse” financial statements.
  • Show P&L by month, or as a percent of income.

Save time – automate tasks

  • Find transactions and other information you need…FAST.
  • Speed up your work – tricks to speed up navigation and working in multiple windows/screens.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Set up recurring transactions (memorizing transactions).
  • Create your OWN shortcuts.
  • Connected accounts/Bank Feeds:
    • Teach QuickBooks to categorize transactions for you.
    • Learn when and how to “add”, “match” and “exclude”.
    • Process downloaded transactions, tips and tricks to save you time.
    • Bank reconciliation and how to find and fix reconciliation errors.


  • Customize your invoice and other forms.
  • Add logos and custom fields to Invoices and other forms.
  • Use custom fields to track information unique to your business or customers.
  • Tailor your company preferences/settings to match your business.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Customize who has access and what they can/can’t see:
    • Set up users with different access rights & permissions.
    • Track changes and who made them (audit log/trail).

Work with Reports

  • Customize the content and look of your reports.
  • Add, delete, resize, and reorder columns.
  • Filter and format reports to get the info you need.
  • Save reports and create memorized/customized report groups.
  • Set up QuickBooks to automatically email reports on any schedule.

Accounting tasks & concepts you must know

  • Really understand your financial statements.
  • Setup your chart of accounts correctly.
  • Change and fix your chart of accounts to ensure accurate reports.
  • Cash vs. Accrual accounting.
  • Understand and know when to use general journal entries.
  • Setup and use subaccounts.
  • “Collapse” financial statements to summarize info for banks and investors.
  • Show your P&L by month, or as a percent of sales.
  • Set a closing date to protect your accounting records and accuracy.
  • Best way to add and work with your accountant.
  • Reconcile bank and credit card transactions.

Set Up and Pay Employees

  • Set up employees, deductions and company contributions.
  • Set up company payroll preferences.
  • Understand the payroll cycle and how it works in QuickBooks.
  • Track and invoice for employee and/or vendor time.
  • Process paychecks
  • Make tax deposits
  • Make non-tax payments (health insurance, child support, etc.)
  • Prepare payroll forms (941, etc.)
  • Payroll reports

Special Q&A sessions at the end of each day

Live in-person class
“Very good, detail training provided. Plenty of time for attendees to ask questions.”
K. Lannan
Live in-person class
“It was very eye opening for me with all the tips and tricks I did not know about. My instructor was very knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions. She is very energetic… Definitely not a boring class! Very happy… thank you for the flyer”
P. Liev
Live in-person class
“It is so nice to have an instructor led class. I feel that you learn so much more in that case. I learned many things that will help me with my future Quickbooks use.”
H. Shupp
Live in-person class
“My instructor’s knowledge of QuickBooks was extremely helpful in furthering my understanding. I enjoyed the class and would recommend it to both beginners and advanced users of QuickBooks. The tips and tricks are something that everyone can learn from!”
K. Zook
Live online class (webinar)
“Taking a training class online was not my first choice, but now is! The trainer was absolutely the best and I will definitely take another training class online!”
C. Martinez
Live online class (webinar)
“The interaction through gotowebinar is excellent and very productive. The instructor had a special skill to keep the class in full attention without running over her words or speaking to fast. the content is simple but very informative. Great job.”
R. Cedillo
Live online class (webinar)
“If you are going to take Quick Books training we highly recommend that you take it online with Real World. Our instructor was knowledgeable, patient, funny, and honest. A decade of webinars, classes, and training experience. We also signed up for Diamond VIP membership to continue QB education which we know will be excellent… RWT has done a great job building a top notch team.”
M. Duffy
Live online class (webinar)
“As a new beginner to Quick Books, this was very informative. I was a bit overwhelmed on day 1but by day 2 I was  familiar with the screens and what they do. I recommend printing the manual so you can follow along and make your own personal notes.”
B. Busch
Live online class (webinar)
“I took the Mastering Quickbooks Level 1 webinar. The instructor did an excellent job of facilitating the course. She was easy to follow and understand. I was pleased that she took extra time to answer all the participants questions. I highly recommend this training.”
M. Ryke
How much does your live class cost?
The tuition is $579.95. This includes 2 days of training, full access to your instructor for Q&A, and a 200+ page manual that you can take back to the office for reference.
What happens after I sign up? What should I do?
After you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation which guarantees your seat in the class. The confirmation includes all your class details (address, time, etc.). About 2 days before class your instructor will email you with additional info and some tips to prepare so you get the most out of class. They’ll also tell you what to expect on the day of the class (where to sign in, etc.) We recommend that you begin gathering any questions you may have so you have all your questions documented to take to class.
Can you teach at my office?
Unfortunately, we don’t provide one-on-one training, but we can teach a group at your location. We can even tailor the class to meet your needs. This cost varies but the minimum price is $5,000. So it only makes sense if you have a larger group. Call and speak with a Training Advisor for more information or a quote for your group.
Do I need to bring a laptop?
No. We teach the class “seminar-style”. This means we do the typing… and you do the learning! When everyone has a computer, the QuickBooks class can only move as fast as the slowest typist. We began teaching hands-on, but over 20 years of teaching we refined our method that guarantees the maximum learning in the shortest possible time.

If you feel like you need hands-on training, we offer the same class in a self-paced format. You can watch the instructor step by step, pause the training, and practice what you learn. Learn more by selecting Self-paced training at the top of this page.

Can I just attend Day 1 or Day 2 of the QuickBooks class?
Unfortunately not because we’ve designed the content to be delivered over 2 days. In other words, you’ll be lost if you don’t have the context and lessons from the other day. However, you can split Day 1 and Day 2 across different classes if necessary. Call our office at 800-564-2688 to speak to a training advisor.
What is the cancellation policy?
We’ll refund your tuition (less a $45 processing fee) if you email us 5 (five) days prior to the class. Regrettably we have to be strict about this policy because we finalize our room and set up fees with the hotel 5 days before class begins.
Which version of QuickBooks do you teach?
We always teach the current version. Don’t worry if you have a different version or edition. The instructor points out the differences between the different versions and editions.
There are no classes near me, what are my options?
No problem! We’ve spent 15 years perfecting the online delivery of the same 2 day class. Just like the in-person class, your live instructor will answer your questions…you can even type them if you prefer. And as an added bonus…you don’t have to leave your home or office! We offer the live online (webinar) class twice a month. (check out the reviews tab to hear what students say about the live online (webinar) experience!
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, return your materials to the instructor by the end of the first day of class and you will receive a full refund. We don’t provide refunds if you miss the class. However, we’ll keep your credit so that you can attend another class in the future. If you have to miss the class, call a training advisor to discuss options to reschedule.
What if I miss the class because of illness or travel?
We apply your credit to another class of your choice (in your area or online). call a training advisor to discuss options.
Am I guaranteed a seat in the class when I place my order?
Yes. Your registration is guaranteed upon receipt of payment.
Can I split the class between dates? In other words, can I attend Day 1 this month and Day 2 the next time you're in my area?
Yes, Please call a training advisor at 800-564-2688 to set this up.
I am attending the class from out-of-town. Do you offer reduced hotel room rates?
Unfortunately we don’t. Hotels don’t provide this option unless we guarantee a number of rooms. We do strive to find reasonably-priced hotels. Contact the hotel directly for their rates.
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No risk, money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, return your materials to the instructor by the end of the first day of class and you will receive a full refund. See details.