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Progress Invoicing
Sometimes your company has a job that takes months to finish, but you don’t want to wait till the end to get paid. This tutorial shows how to use progress invoicing to bill the client in increments as the work is performed.

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Create a Customer Statement
Learn how to send statements to customers to remind them of overdue balances. There are two ways to do this: with an open transaction statement or with an activity-based statement. Either statement is easy to create.

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Your customer wrote you a bad check, now your bank charged you. Learn how to track the bounced check and the bank fees using the Customer Center, and how to notify the customer.
Entering and paying bills in QuickBooks is a two-step process. Step 1, enter the invoice you received as a bill. Step 2, pay the bill. Learn how to do both quickly in this video.
You can see your company’s financial performance at a glance with the Insights Tab. Learn how to navigate this tab to see year-over-year income, open invoices, expenses, and much more in this short video.
QuickBooks gives you over 100 reports that show how your business is doing. But how do you know which reports to run? Use the Report Center to see what reports are available for things like sales, purchases and taxes.
Learn the basics for the QuickBooks Payroll cycle, from the Setup Wizard to the Employee Center to printing paychecks. Need more? Try our QuickBooks Payroll class.

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