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Four Great Reasons to Attend our QuickBooks Training

Powerful QuickBooks training from the only QuickBooks trainers endorsed by Intuit

Comprehensive Training

Get Confidence for the Real World

You'll leave with the confidence that you know QuickBooks, you're doing a good job, and you're ready to tackle QuickBooks. After two days with us, you'll be prepared to master QuickBooks.

Relaxed Classroom Setting

We make it easy to learn

Students love our classes because our instructors keep it simple. Even if you're brand new to QuickBooks you'll feel at home in our classes. No confusing accounting jargon or terms. We make QuickBooks easy!

Your Questions Answered

Leave with answers

Learning QuickBooks is challenging and questions come up. Most times, the training materials will answer your questions. If not, no problem! Our instructors will stay until all of your questions are answered.

Tips & Tricks to Fix QuickBooks

Tips and tricks to solve problems

QuickBooks training is all we do. You get a true QuickBooks training expert to teach you...at a fraction of the cost for a consultant or CPA.

Live Classes Available Across America

Live Training Details

Live Training Schedules

Live Classroom Training Schedule

  • 8:00 AM (Your Time) - Sign in - Registration
  • 8:30 AM - Class begins
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Lunch (on your own)
  • 4:00 PM - End of Day & Special Q&A Session

Live Webinar Training Schedule

  • 9:00 AM (CST) - Sign in - Registration
  • 9:30 AM (CST) - Class begins (10:30 EST, 7:30 PST)
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (CST) - Lunch (on your own)
  • 5:00 PM (CST) - End of Day & Special Q&A Session

What You'll Learn

Desktop Training

Day 1 + Learn more

Set up your company
  • Move around QuickBooks...EFFICIENTLY
  • Get help...FAST
Everyday Transactions
  • Selling: invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, and customer statements
  • Buying: bills, bill payments, checks, bill payment stubs, bills vs. checks, and credit memos
  • Inventory: purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory
  • Sales Taxes: set up, adjust, pay, and report sales taxes
Special Transactions
  • Give and receive refunds
  • Apply credit memos
  • Use credit cards
Tips & Tricks
  • Special "Window" tricks
  • Clean up lists (delete, hide and merge)
  • Sort and customize lists
  • "Collapse" financial statements
  • Show P&L by month, or as a percent of income
Understand Accounting
  • Really understand your financial statements
  • Setup the chart of accounts
  • Change and fix the chart of accounts
  • Cash vs. Accrual accounting
  • Use general journal entries
  • Setup and use subaccounts
End of Day Special Q&A Session

Day 2 + Learn more

Set Up and Pay Employees
  • Setup employees, payroll items
  • Track time and invoice time
  • Process paychecks
  • Modify paychecks
  • Make tax deposits
  • Prepare tax forms
  • Summarize payroll data in Excel
Work with Reports
  • Add, delete, resize, and reorder columns
  • Filter and format reports
  • Save reports and create memorized report groups
Advanced Features
  • Use multi-user
  • Password protect QuickBooks
  • Update QuickBooks
  • Work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Close the books
  • Find transactions FAST and other time saving features
  • Work with the accountant's review
  • Protect your QuickBooks data
Tips & Tricks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Add custom fields
  • Tailor company preferences
  • Create custom invoices and other forms
  • Add logos and custom fields to forms
Tricky Transactions
  • Banking: bank reconciliation and locate discrepancies, online banking
  • Handle bounced checks...easily
  • Void vs. delete a check
  • Enter customer down payments/deposits
  • Setup automatic transactions (memorizing transactions)
End of Day Special Q&A Session

Online Training

Day 1 + Learn more

Getting Started and Setting Up
  • What edition of QuickBooks Online is right for you?
  • Setting up your company
  • Online banking setup
  • Credit card setup
  • Importing from QuickBooks desktop editions
  • Importing from Excel
  • Moving around and finding what you need...fast
Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Really understand your financial statements
  • Set up the chart of accounts
  • Set up and use subaccounts
  • Change and fix the chart of accounts
  • Cash vs. Accrual accounting
  • Use general journal entries
  • "Collapse" financial statements
Sales Transactions
  • 4 ways of recording sales and choosing the one that’s right for you
  • Estimates/proposals
  • The invoicing cycle
  • Invoicing for billable time and/or expenses
  • Cash/sales receipts
  • Receiving payments and making deposits
  • Delayed charges
  • Credit memos
  • Customer statements
  • The income lists and sales reports
Expense Transactions
  • When you should and should not track accounts payable (enter and pay bills)
  • Checks (printed and hand-written)
  • ATM withdrawals and electronic fund transfers
  • Debit card and credit card charges
  • Vendor credits
  • Expense list and other expense reports
Special Transactions
  • Online Banking:
    • Learn when and how to "add", "match" and "exclude"
    • Process downloaded transactions, tips and tricks to save you time, bank reconciliation, fix errors and locate discrepancies.
  • Bank reconciliation and find reconciliation errors
  • Handle customer down payments/deposits
  • Void vs. delete a check
  • Handle bounced checks (NSF)
  • Write off bad debt (including small underpayments)
  • Track Petty Cash
Tips & Tricks
  • Special browser tricks to speed up data entry
  • Clean up lists (delete, hide and merge)
  • Fixing setup mistakes
End of Day Special Q&A Session

Day 2 + Learn more

Set Up and Pay Employees
  • Set up employees, deductions and company contributions
  • Enter prior payrolls
  • Set up company payroll preferences
  • Track and invoice time
  • Process paychecks
  • Make tax deposits
  • Make non-tax payments (health insurance, etc.)
  • Use payroll reports
Work with Reports
  • Customize Reports:
  • Columns: add, reorder, delete, and resize
  • Filter and format
  • Create new headers and footers
  • Save Customizations
  • Create report groups
  • Automatically email report groups on a set schedule
Accounting Tasks
  • Close the books
  • Add your accountant
  • Protect your accounting data
  • Set up users with different permissions
  • Assign access rights and user levels
  • Track changes and who made them (audit log)
Save Time
  • Find transactions...FAST
  • Navigate around the fast and easy way
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Create your OWN shortcuts
Customize QuickBooks
  • Tailor company settings/preferences
  • Create custom invoices and other forms
  • Add logos and custom fields to forms
Advanced Transactions
  • Inventory:
  • Set up inventory in QuickBooks Online
  • Purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory
  • Track Sales Taxes
  • Set up sales taxes
  • Adjust, pay, and report sales taxes
End of Day Special Q&A Session

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Who Should Attend

Our Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 class is designed for almost anyone! If you're brand new to QuickBooks or a novice, then it is a perfect class for you. If you've been using QuickBooks for less than 2 years, you'll most certainly learn lots of interesting tips, tricks, and workarounds to help you be more effective in your job. This class is perfectly suited for business owners, spouses of business owners, office receptionists, secretaries, office managers, sales and administrative professionals, bookkeepers and anyone who uses QuickBooks as part of their job.

What You'll Need

People often ask, "Do I need experience in accounting or QuickBooks to take this class?" No! You don't need any prior experience in QuickBooks or accounting. Most of the people who attend our class are new to QuickBooks or have been using it for a short period of time. You don't need a computer as our classes are not hands on. We've learned that students are able to learn so much more when they're focused on listening to the instructor. Come ready to learn and we'll do the rest.

Still Need Convincing?

Do you need some more details or do you need to get your boss' approval? Download this pdf to get a few more details about what the class is about, who it's suited for and how much it costs. If you have any other questions, our friendly Training Advisors are available to answer any questions. Give us a call at 1-800-564-2688 and we'll find a perfect training solution for you!

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What Customers Are Saying

Jane A.

I feel a lot more confident because I feel like the training has reinforced my knowledge and it has given me tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help me be more efficient doing my day-to-day transactions.

Kim M.

This has been a very relaxed environment, which I like a lot. I don't like to be stressed or tensed up about things. They make you feel welcome and warm, and free to speak, so it has been an enjoyable experience.