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Access to our entire OnDemand (self-paced) learning library

Our comprehensive QuickBooks Learning library of self-paced video content contains all the QuickBooks training you’ll need. Start with the basics to build a solid foundation of QuickBooks knowledge. View additional advanced classes as your confidence grows.  View as much QuickBooks training as you need. You can start and stop and return to training according to your schedule. We have over 14 courses available for all skill levels . Learn QuickBooks Online, Desktop, even QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. You’ll also have access to QuickBooks Payroll training, Microsoft Excel and Word training, and more.

Weekly Q&A sessions

You’re invited to attend our weekly Q & A sessions with our QuickBooks experts. No more searching aimlessly online to find answers to your QuickBooks problems. Just join us and ask your questions! This is all we do, so we’ve answered a lot of QuickBooks questions. Whether you have an easy question or a challenging question, we want to hear from you. This invaluable service is only available to Diamond VIP Members.

Weekly live training sessions (webinars)

QuickBooks is always changing. To keep you up-to-date with QuickBooks we offer weekly live classes on a wide variety of small business and timely QuickBooks topics. Can’t attend one of our weekly classes? No problem! We record them so you can watch them later at a time that works for you.

Classes include QuickBooks Tips & Tricks, Customizing QuickBooks, Payroll topics, Sales Taxes, Avoiding Fraud, and much more. You’ll never stop learning when you become a Diamond VIP Subscriber.



Submit a question to an instructor – get an in depth customized answer within 24 hours…guaranteed!

If you can’t attend our Q & A sessions, we deliver awesome email support. Simply email us your QuickBooks questions and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day. Our helpful team of experts know that solving your QuickBooks problems correctly is incredibly important to you. We’ll help you sort out your most challenging issues with QuickBooks.


Weekly Live classes (also available as self-paced courses)
Avoid the Five Biggest Accounting Mistakes
Learn the top five errors users make
Apply easily understood accounting standards to avoid mistakes
Bank Feeds and Online Banking: Everything You Need to Know
Setting up online banking to download tranasctions and reduce data entry
Use bank feeds to match downloaded transactions to existing transactions (including bills!)
Beginning to Advanced Excel Charting Techniques - Part 1
Discover the types of charts in Excel
Explore the chart elements and their functions
Beginning to Advanced Excel Charting Techniques - Part 2
Learn techniques to build better charts
Discover more advanced chart types like pivot tables
Beginning to Advanced Excel Charting Techniques - Part 3
Build more advanced formulas to create even better charts
Learn advanced tricks for formatting your charts
The Chart of Accounts and Transactions
Learn all about types of accounts
Discover how different financial transactions affect the Chart of Accounts
Debits & Credits
Learn how debiting and crediting affects your accounts
Use debits and credits in creative ways to create solutions for more advanced transactions
Excel Fundamentals 101 - Part 1
Get familiar with the fundamentals of Excel
Apply the basics of Excel to your QuickBooks business
Excel Fundamentals 101 - Part 2
Use Excel to create tables and charts
Format Excel to get the most out of your reports
Five Ways to Save Money with Your Accountant
Get the most out of your time with your accountant with these five easy tips
Learn the important questions to ask an accountant when hiring or evaluating your business relationship with them
Preparing 1099s, W-2s & W-3s
Use QuickBooks to prepare 1099s, W-2s, & W-3s
Learn how to file 1099s, W-2s, & W-3s
Preparing Payroll Quarterly Reports
Run, print, and send payroll reports & quarterly 941 forms
Clean up your Lists and perform HR tasks
Purchasing Workarounds and Shortcuts
Record vendor deposits, vendor refunds and prepaid expenses
Learn how to use lines of credit and support schedules in QuickBooks
QuickBooks for Bosses
Use financial ratios to measure the "vital signs" of your business with customized reports
Manage your team with QuickBooks' time tracking and users/roles features
QuickBooks Preferences
Personalize QuickBooks to best suit your business with advanced QuickBooks preference settings
Utilize key preferences that save time, help you avoid mistakes, explain errors
Sales Workarounds and Shortcuts
Receive expert tips for using Price Levels and Advanced Sales Tax
Learn how to set up and record bad debt
Security and Avoiding Embezzlement
Learn about the most common ways that embezzlement occurs
Identify possible fraud in your QuickBooks company file
Six Accounting Principles You Must Know
Gain a greater understanding of double entry accounting, and how it is applied in QuickBooks
Improve your transaction entry skills and learn to apply six major accounting principles
Start the New Year Right
Analyze the growth of your business with Financial Statements
Clean up your Company File and prepare for taxes with your accountant
Top Ten QuickBooks Tips & Tricks
Learn our time saving tips for entering data and navigating QuickBooks
Discover how to reverse and clean up tricky transactions
Understanding Financial Statements
Use Financial Statements to calculate return on equity
Understand gross profit margin and net profit margin to get the most out of your reports
Understanding QuickBooks with Microsoft Excel
Organize your business’ information with pivot tables
Learn how Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks work together to create powerful reports
Self-Paced Courses (QuickBooks Online)
Mastering QuickBooks Online Level 1
The On-demand version of the most popular QuickBooks Online class in the world is designed just for QuickBooks Online users! Your personal onscreen instructor walks you step-by-step through the essentials you need to use QuickBooks Online with confidence.
Mastering QuickBooks Online Level 2
Master more difficult (but common) QuickBooks features, become a report expert, and build on your foundation from Level 1. Discover the new powerful features in QuickBooks Online. Learn shortcuts, tips, tricks and workarounds to be more efficient in QuickBooks Online.
Mastering Accounting Basics for QuickBooks Online
Understanding accounting fundamentals is half the challenge of learning and using QuickBooks Online correctly! This class teaches you the basic accounting principles of accounts, financial statements and much more. Take this class to get even more out of QuickBooks Online.
Self-Paced Courses (QuickBooks Desktop)
Mastering Quickbooks (Pro/Premier) Level 1
OnDemand version of the most popular QuickBooks class in the world! Build or reinforce your QuickBooks foundation with your personal, on screen instructor.
Mastering QuickBooks (Pro/Premier) Level 2
Master more difficult (but common) QuickBooks features, become an expert on reports, and build on your foundation from Level 1.
Mastering QuickBooks (Enterprise) Level 1
Enterprise Solutions is the most powerful edition of QuickBooks! Take advantage of this additional power and the extra features with Enterprise Solutions training.
Mastering QuickBooks (Enterprise) Level 2
This class begins where Enterprise Solutions Level 1 ends. Master more difficult (but common) Enterprise Solutions features, become a report expert, and build on your strong foundation from level 1. Take QuickBooks to the next level!
Mastering QuickBooks Desktop for Accountants Level 1
Learn the basics of QuickBooks from your client’s perspective (so you can answer their questions). You should also know these basics before taking the ProAdvisor training and certification. Learn special tools that help you support QuickBooks clients.
Mastering QuickBooks Desktop for Accountants Level 2
Begins where Level 1 ends. Master more difficult, but common, QuickBooks transactions. Learn to set up clients correctly and become a report “expert.”
Mastering QuickBooks Desktop for Nonprofits
Uncover the secrets that make QuickBooks work for your nonprofit organization. Ideal for any nonprofit, including houses of worship, membership organizations, and charities.
Mastering QuickBooks Desktop for Construction
Accounting for the construction industry is challenging. Not anymore! Learn to use QuickBooks to meet your unique needs. A must-have for construction companies and contractors! If you’re brand new to QuickBooks, we recommend you also do the Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 class.
Mastering Accounting Basics for QuickBooks Desktop
Understanding accounting fundamentals is half the challenge of learning and using QuickBooks correctly! This class teaches you the basic accounting principles you must know to get the most from QuickBooks.
Mastering QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
Mastering QuickBooks Payroll ensures that you start off right. If you’re experienced, you learn to fix mistakes, handle complex payroll transactions, save time and get even more from QuickBooks Payroll & Intuit Online Payroll.
Mastering Word and Excel for QuickBooks Desktop
Excel & Word training designed just for QuickBooks users. Master Excel and Word skills to be even more productive with QuickBooks!
How does the OnDemand class work?
After you place your order, you receive log-in credentials for the course via email. Follow the link in the email, type your user name and password, and start learning!
Do you offer a money back guarantee on your OnDemand training?
Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with the training, send us an email or call us within 30 days and you will receive a full refund (minus a processing fee of $15). We stand behind our classes. No hassle. No question.
Are the training courses hands-on?
If you have a QuickBooks Online subscription, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on.
Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?
No. You can view the training on any device with an internet connection. Anytime, anywhere.

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