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Self-paced training
Mastering QuickBooks (Pro/Premier) Level 1
What's includedIncluded
What you'll learnTopics

Includes a 241-page PDF manual

We recommend you begin with the basics covered in Mastering QuickBooks Level 1. This course is the foundation of all our training and your success in using QuickBooks. And because it’s so important to your success, you’ll receive a work manual, so you can follow along and take notes as you go.

Free updates – for life!

QuickBooks Desktop changes every year. But you don’t have to worry about outdated training. Unlike other software training that eventually becomes outdated when the software changes, your purchase includes all the updates we make in the future. Rest assured knowing you have the latest and greatest content…at no additional cost.

Full High Definition video

The courses are all filmed in crystal clear HD, so you don’t miss any details. Expand the viewing area to full screen or watch it in a smaller format…either way, you can easily follow the instructions and see every detail.

Access to all the courses: Anywhere. Anytime.

You can view the courses as many times as you want from any device connected to the internet.

Everything you need to know to master QuickBooks “A to Z,” and understand the “behind the scenes” accounting basics

Whether you love bookkeeping or you’re a “reluctant” bookkeeper, being QuickBooks Confident means coming to work each day with the confidence that you know what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, WHY you need to do it! All this with the confidence that you’re saving time applying the tips, tricks, and shortcuts you discover.

EVERYTHING you need to pass the "Intuit Certified QuickBooks User Exam"
Get Started
Set up your company
Learn what you see on screen
Move around QuickBooks efficiently
Customize your Home Page
Work with Lists
Discover what you can store in lists
Manage lists by adding, editing, deleting, and merging
Learn to sort and print lists
Understand Financial Statements
Read and understand your financial statements
Set up the Chart of Accounts
Change and organize the Chart of Accounts
Create and use subaccounts
Discover the purpose of journal entries
Explore the Company Snapshot and Insights features
Items & Services
Set up your Items and Services in QuickBooks
Understand the basic item types
Learn to use items efficiently
Add, edit, and delete items
Customers & Sales
Set up your Customers List
Add and manage jobs for your customers
Record the sale of products and services
Receive payments from customers
Learn QuickBooks’ built-in trick to record batch deposits
Record one-time and daily sales with sales receipts
Use statement charges
Issue customer credits and refunds
Run statements for your customers
Run Accounts Receivable and Sales reports
Import sales from other programs
Explore the Income Tracker dashboard
Customize Forms
Design the look and feel of forms such as invoices or purchase orders
Customize your sales form layout
Use the layout designer
Copy form designs across your business
Download templates
Time-Saving Tricks
Organize your activities on the QuickBooks calendar
Locate specific transactions with the Find button
Find information within the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers
Create templates for common transactions
Memorize transactions for QuickBooks to enter for you
Edit schedules for memorized transactions
Sales Tax
Set up sales tax items, preferences, and codes
Assign tax codes to items and customers
Charge sales tax on an invoice or sales receipt
Monitor the sales tax you collect from customers
Adjust the sales taxes you owe
Record sales tax payments
Vendors & Expenses
Set up your Vendors list
Learn the benefits of tracking Accounts Payable
Turn on time-saving preferences for purchases and vendors
Track what you owe vendors with bills
Review and pay unpaid bills
Write and print checks
Record debit card and other electronic transactions
Setup and use credit cards charges
Record credit card payments
Enter and apply vendor credits and refunds
Run reports on Accounts Payable and Expenses
Banking & Reconciliation
Set up QuickBooks to automatically download banking statements (Bank Feeds)
Add and match transactions from the bank feed
Create rules to automatically rename or enter transactions in the bank feed
Understand the importance of reconciling your bank account to QuickBooks
Reconcile your bank account
Find and fix errors in a bank reconciliation
Learn how and when to void or delete a check
Find missing checks with the Missing Checks report
Tricky Transactions
Record Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) or bounced checks
Enter customer prepayments and deposits
Payroll Setup
Walk through payroll setup step-by-step
Schedule how often you pay employees
Determine the payroll preferences that work for you
Add and edit payroll items such as compensation, deductions, and company contributions
Add employees
Enter employee payroll and tax information
Track sick and vacation time for employees
Time Tracking
Set up time tracking
Enter time on weekly timesheets
Track subcontractors’ time
Invoice customers for time
Run productivity reports
Run Payroll
Create paychecks for employees
Print paychecks and pay stubs
Pay taxes and other liabilities such as health insurance and retirement contributions
Generate a 941 form to file with the IRS
Run payroll reports
Multi-User & Security Features
Install QuickBooks for multi-user
Assign an administrator user for your company
Set up new users
Turn on mutli-user mode for users to work in the company at the same time
Compare permitted and restricted actions between mutli- and single-user modes
Monitor user activity with the audit trail
Work with Reports
Explore the Reports Center
Customize the columns on reports
Edit the Header/Footer of a report
Change the fonts and numbers on reports
Filter reports to see just the information you need
Sort reports by different variables such as by date, customer, or item
Determine the reports preferences for your company
Save custom reports to run again in the future
Organize frequently-run reports in groups to save time
Export reports to Excel
Discover the best practices for working with QuickBooks reports in Excel
File Maintenance
Backup your QuickBooks data
Restore a QuickBooks backup
Update QuickBooks for bug fixes and improvements
Keep QuickBooks updated with automatic updates
Year-End Procedures
Learn how to close your books
Discover common year-end tasks to maintain your books
Restrict users’ access to previous years’ data
Send financial information to your accountant
Incorporate accountant changes
Explore the Inventory Center
Learn how the purchasing cycle helps you track inventory
Monitor inventory levels with the Inventory Stock Status report
Record purchase orders
Receive inventory with a bill
Pay bills
Use the Physical Inventory Worksheet to count inventory
Adjust inventory to match physical counts or correct errors
How does the OnDemand class work?
After you place your order, you receive log-in credentials for the course via email. Follow the link in the email, type your username and password, and start learning!
Do you offer a money-back guarantee on your OnDemand training?
Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with the training, send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind our classes. No hassle. No question.

Please note: If you use the Intuit QuickBooks Certification voucher before the refund, we will deduct $156 (cost of voucher) from your refund.
What is certification and how do I get it?
Students can validate their QuickBooks knowledge by becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU). This test is offered at Universities and technical schools and costs $156 for individuals to take. BUT it’s FREE if you enroll in Mastering QuickBooks Level 1! This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who uses QuickBooks (and wants to prove they can) in their career. This course also includes a 200-page pdf study manual, test prep materials, and a practice test to help you prepare!
Are the self-paced courses hands-on?
If you have QuickBooks installed on your computer, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on.
Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?
No. You can view the training on any device with an internet connection. Anytime, anywhere.

No risk, money-back guarantee

We know you'll love our QuickBooks training and we stand behind it 100%. See refund and cancellation details.
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Refund and cancellation policies

Live classes To cancel your seat in a live class, please notify us at before the first day of your class and you'll receive a full refund. If you attend class and it doesn't meet your expectations, just let your instructor know by the end of the first day of class. Then, you'll receive a full refund. Please note... we do not provide refunds if you don’t attend class. We will, however, keep your credit so that you may attend another class in the future.

Self-paced courses If you're not satisfied for any reason, please send an email to within 30 days of purchase and you’ll receive a full refund.

Please note, if you use any of the included QuickBooks Certification vouchers within 30 days, we have to deduct the cost of the vouchers ($156 each) from your refund.

VIP Membership To cancel your membership, please send an email to within 30 days of purchase and you'll receive a full refund. Please note, if you use any of the included QuickBooks Certification vouchers within 30 days, we have to deduct the cost of the vouchers ($156 each) from your refund.

After 30 days, we'll stop your monthly subscription for live services (these include weekly live classes, Q&A sessions, and "ask the instructor") but you can keep your access to the entire learning library (including all updates to those courses).

Use of QuickBooks Certification Voucher before refund If your purchase includes a voucher code ($156 value) to take the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User exam, you will lose this voucher if you refund your purchase within 30 days. If you've already registered for the test or taken the test within 30 days, and request a refund, we will deduct the cost of the voucher ($156) from your refund.