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Self-paced training
Mastering Accounting Basics for QuickBooks Desktop
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QuickBooks Desktop changes every year. But you don’t have to worry about outdated training. Unlike other software training that eventually becomes outdated when the software changes, your purchase includes all the updates we make in the future. Rest assured knowing you have the latest and greatest content…at no additional cost.

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The courses are all filmed in crystal clear HD, so you don’t miss any details. Expand the viewing area to full screen or watch it in a smaller format…either way, you can easily follow the instructions and see every detail.

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You can view the courses as many times as you want from any device connected to the internet.

Everything you need to know to master QuickBooks “A to Z,” and understand the “behind the scenes” accounting basics

Whether you love bookkeeping or you’re a “reluctant” bookkeeper, being QuickBooks Confident means coming to work each day with the confidence that you know what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, WHY you need to do it! All this with the confidence that you’re saving time applying the tips, tricks, and shortcuts you discover.

Accounting Basics
Define accounting for small businesses
Explore why you need accounting
Understand financial statements
Discover the history of double-entry accounting
Debits and Credits: The essence of accounting
Principles of Accounting
Introduction to Accounting Principles
The Reporting Principle
The Reliability Principle
The Comparability Principle
The Cost Principle
The Revenue Principle
The Matching Principle
Apply accounting principles to the real world
Accounting Basics in QuickBooks
Understand the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
Discover the types of accounts in QuickBooks
Set up the Chart of Accounts
Compare management and financial reporting
Organize accounts with subaccounts
Learn techniques to review account details
Explore the debits/credits for common QuickBooks transactions
Enter common QuickBooks transactions to see their effect on financial statements
Create a journal entry to directly affect debits/credits in QuickBooks
Account for depreciation of assets
Review Numbers
Basic review techniques
Investigate errors with QuickZoom
Reconcile accounts to external documentation
Verify numbers on key reports
Check Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory balances
Analyze & Interpret Data
Interpret your financial statements
Analyze trends in your data
View variable expenses as a percent of income
Understand and use key financial ratios
The Accounting Cycle
Discover the importance of the accounting cycle
Protect your data with a daily backup
Review and pay bills
Monitor Accounts Receivable
Complete accounting tasks for specific pay periods
Run quarterly reports
Make year-end entries
Close the books
Restrict access to closed periods
Work with your Accountant
Improve communication with your accountant
Create a client/accountant agreement
Get tips & tricks on getting information to your accountant
Work with your accountant using the Accountant’s Copy
Run reports for your accountant
Advanced Accounting Concepts
Use account numbers
Segment financial statements with classes
Set up budgets and forecasts
Compare cash and accrual accounting
Run reports to monitor cash flow
Accounting Workarounds
Learn the purpose of the Retained Earnings account
See QuickBooks’ default year-end entry
Use a workaround for a more detailed year-end entry
Find changes to prior transactions
Explore unique report issues
How does the OnDemand class work?
After you place your order, you receive log-in credentials for the course via email. Follow the link in the email, type your username and password, and start learning!
Do you offer a money-back guarantee on your OnDemand training?
Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with the training, send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund. We stand behind our classes. No hassle. No question.
What is certification and how do I get it?
Students can validate their QuickBooks knowledge by becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU). This test is offered at Universities and technical schools and costs $156 for individuals to take. BUT it’s FREE if you enroll in Mastering QuickBooks Level 1! This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who uses QuickBooks (and wants to prove they can) in their career. If you're interested in this course and would like to get certified, consider one of our Course Bundles or better yet,  the VIP Membership which comes with 5 certification vouchers and even more prep classes!
Are the self-paced courses hands-on?
If you have QuickBooks installed on your computer, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on.
Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?
No. You can view the training on any device with an internet connection. Anytime, anywhere.

No risk, money-back guarantee

We know you'll love our QuickBooks training and we stand behind it 100%. See refund and cancellation details.
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