Learning QuickBooks for Mac - OnDemand 2015-2018

Learning QuickBooks for Mac - OnDemand 2015-2018

$ 179.99

Get the confidence you need to use QuickBooks effectively! This class walks you step-by-step through the essentials you need to use QuickBooks Mac with confidence.

  • Over 2 hours of training.


Learn to use QuickBooks the RIGHT way with CONFIDENCE!

A great introduction to QuickBooks Mac that includes basic bookkeeping fundamentals…without all the academic and technical jargon.

Follow your instructor step by step at your own pace.

You can watch the instructor step by step, pause the training, and practice what you learn.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Getting Started with QuickBooks
    • Why use QuickBooks? 
    • What is accounting? 
    • Setting up your company using the EasyStep Interview 
    • The New Business Checklist
    • Customizing online edition
    • Importing from QuickBooks desktop
    • Completing the setup of your data file 
  2. Orientation to the QuickBooks Program
    • Moving around QuickBooks 
    • Using the Company Snapshot feature 
    • Understanding the elements of the typical QuickBooks window 
    • Understanding lists and list types 
    • Rules for names lists (and what this means to you) 
    • Adding customers and vendors to lists 
  3. Bookkeeping Basics in QuickBooks
    • Introduction to the financial statements 
    • Understanding the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement 
    • Using Account types 
    • Adding accounts and subaccounts
    • Collapsing reports 
  1. Everyday Transactions
    • Setting up items for invoicing
    • Entering and printing invoices 
    • Receiving payments and making bank deposits
    • Entering and paying bills
    • Writing and printing checks
    • Voiding vs. deleting checks 
    • Running important reports 
  2. Essential QuickBooks Tasks
    • Reconciling the bank account 
    • Making a backup of your QuickBooks data 
    • To do list and messages
    • Consulting with your accountant (when and what for?) 
  3. Managing Your Business
    • Interpreting your financial statements 
    • Analyzing trends for your business
    • Using financial ratios to analyze your results
    • Basic business planning
High speed internet.

The OnDemand training will not work with dial-up internet.

Somewhere you can learn without interruption.

To avoid distractions, we recommend you find a time and location where you can focus on learning.

You don’t need QuickBooks installed on your computer.

If you do, you can open your QuickBooks file to try something out….but it’s not necessary. Our teaching method ensures that you'll learn the maximum amount of material with the smallest investment of time.

Speakers or Headphones

This is not a “text-based” course. Instead, the content is presented by one of the country’s leading QuickBooks experts, Fred Maxwell. You’ll definitely want to hear Fred share his knowledge.

How does the OnDemand class work?

After you place your order, you receive log-in credentials for the course via email. Follow the link in the email, type your user name and password, and start learning!

Do you cover the same material in the OnDemand version and CD/DVD version of Learning QuickBooks Online?

Yes. What do I need to take the live online class? You need high-speed Internet and computer speakers or headphones.

Do I need QuickBooks on my computer?


I didn't receive my log-in information . What should I do?

Please call our office at 800-564-2688.

Do I need special software to attend online class?

No. The course plays in your internet browser.

Do you offer a money back guarantee on your OnDemand training?

Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with the training, send us an email or call us within 30 days and you will receive a full refund (minus a processing fee of $15). We stand behind our classes. No hassle. No question.

Does your training cover the most current version of QuickBooks?

Yes! We always teach the most current version. Don’t worry if you have an older version. Older versions work basically the same way and you’ll learn new and improved features!

Are the training courses hands-on?

Yes. If you have QuickBooks installed on your computer, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on.

How many people can view the training with me?

When you purchase the course, you purchase the right for one person to view the course. To add other students, please call us at 800-564-2688.

Do I receive CPE credits for the CD/DVD training classes?

You can receive CPE credit for most of our classes, except for Mastering QuickBooks Mac and Mastering QuickBooks Online. Click to learn more about CPE credit.

Are your QuickBooks training classes QAS certified?

No. However, they are approved by NASBA for CPE credits. Check with your state board to see if they require QAS certification for credit (most don't). Currently, Florida, Minnesota, Oregon, South Carolina, and Tennessee require QAS certification to award credit.

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