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Only the best QuickBooks instructors teach our classes.

"People don’t care how much you know...until they know how much you care"

Our expert QuickBooks instructors are just like you. They've walked in your shoes, struggled through QuickBooks, and made all the same mistakes. Because of their experience, they are thoroughly prepared to show you how to avoid mistakes, and work around the problems you are experiencing. You need help, and our trainers are here for YOU

Our instructors are QuickBooks experts you can trust. Each of our instructors has extensive real world business experience and QuickBooks experience.

Best of all, our instructors make learning QuickBooks fun. They are great teachers and truly want to see you learn and succeed. You won't get a boring QuickBooks class from our personable and approachable instructors. Register Now and see for yourself.

Meet Our Trainers

  • David J. O'Brien

    David J. O’Brien, CPA

    21yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    My favorite moment is when a student discovers their own confidence...that they can truly master QuickBooks!

    David began using and teaching QuickBooks way back with DOS version 1.0. He started Real World Training in 1994 with the simple goal of helping small businesses succeed. He brings an energy and passion to each class that gives his students the confidence that they can truly master QuickBooks.

  • Trevor Matheson

    Trevor Matheson

    18yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    My passion is explaining complicated things in easy to understand language.... I’m obsessed with finding just the right way to explain something.

    Trevor used QuickBooks in his own business and has consulted to many industries over the years. He’s always searching for clearer and more fun and engaging ways to teach small business and QuickBooks knowledge in a way that everyone can understand.

  • Brad White

    Brad White

    17yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    People have high expectations when they pay for a QuickBooks class. My job is to leave them thoroughly delighted and hungry for more!

    Brad has been teaching QuickBooks since 1998. Before that he used QuickBooks in his own small business. Brad has also consulted with thousands of QuickBooks users. He uses his “real world” experience and entertaining style to help students learn while keeping them awake!

  • Regina H. Smith

    Regina H. Smith

    15yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    Prepare to smile, laugh and most importantly, learn!

    Regina’s accounting degree and years of “real world” small business consulting, provides her with the knowledge, empathy and know-how to be a great instructor. Regina has taught QuickBooks for over 15 years and has proved that QuickBooks can be fun! She creates a relaxed yet spirited class, putting all students at ease, and increasing their learning potential.

  • Gary Gernbacher

    Gary Gernbacher

    15yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    My goal for each class is the same...for each student to have fun AND to leave knowing that their job will now be easier.

    Gary has 20 years of business consulting experience, which includes classroom and one-on-one instruction. He has an engaging and common sense approach that helps new and experienced users gain the confidence to spend less time in QuickBooks and do more with their precious time.

  • Pennylyn Kaine

    15yrs. Teaching QuickBooks

    I love teaching QuickBooks and I also love helping businesses be more strategic!

    Pennylyn has been using QuickBooks since 1997. Coming from a strong business and finance background, She has been training students on QuickBooks for 15 years both in a classroom setting as well as one-on-one. She has plenty of experience not only as a trainer, but also as a consultant and a small business owner herself. Her goal is to use "real world" scenarios to make the learning material more relatable for students. Her passion for teaching is evident and she makes her classes fun and informative!

  • Shauna Hemsley

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I like making people laugh while they learn because QuickBooks and accounting doesn't have to be boring. I really enjoy seeing students get excited again about their jobs and how to do their job more accurately and confidently.

    Shauna has been a QuickBooks trainer for 10 years, and has been a computer software instructor for over 25 years. She has extensive QuickBooks, bookkeeping, accounting, and small business experience. Shauna's passion is to pass on that real world knowledge and experience to others.

  • Shauna Wortinger, CPA

    Shauna Wortinger, CPA

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I’m passionate about helping people and am overjoyed when students tell me ‘...what I’ve learned will save me time and help me manage the office. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned!’

    Shauna has been a QuickBooks consultant for 12 years.  She has extensive QuickBooks, accounting, and small business knowledge gained from helping a variety of businesses...from manufacturing to non-profits.  Shauna’s passion is to help people understand QuickBooks so they can do their jobs better, feel successful and effectively run and manage their companies.

  • Sue Restum

    Sue Restum

    Teaching QuickBooks

    Teaching gives me a chance to pass on what I’ve learned. My goal is for everyone to leave class with the confidence to succeed, and in doing so, we both succeed.

    Sue’s background in accounting and business development gives her insight into the needs of her students. Working with QuickBooks since 1999, Sue brings real-life examples and a user-friendly approach to her classes. Since 2006, Sue has been using her expertise as a QuickBooks consultant, working with businesses to achieve their goals.

  • Paul Saipher

    Paul Saipher

    Teaching QuickBooks

    What's most important to me is making a connection with our students. Understanding where they are coming from, where they are struggling, and then working with them to find solutions to make their lives easier.

    Paul is a certified advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and small business owner. He has used and taught QuickBooks for years and helped his clients with setup, troubleshooting, and training. He knows the pains and needs of small businesses and works hard to share everything he knows about QuickBooks with his students.

  • Amy Marks

    Amy Marks

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I feel exhilarated when I see a student get excited about what QuickBooks can do for their company. Learning QuickBooks can be a blast!

    Amy formed a solid QuickBooks and small business foundation during many years as a controller and consultant to multiple industries. Her experience helps her understand the challenges small businesses face.  She’s enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and loves seeing students’ confidence rise as they learn how to use QuickBooks to its fullest potential!

  • Fred Maxwell

    Fred Maxwell

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I love being the on-screen instructor who helps hundreds of thousands of people...what an honor!

    Fred has been the face and voice of our OnDemand and CD/DVD training classes since he joined Real World Training. He loves to connect with and help others. His engaging on-screen and voice performance makes learning fun. You can also hear Fred in QuickBooks (in the Learning Center located in the Help Menu).

  • Becky Spohn

    Becky Spohn

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I've been where all of our students have been...struggling with what I was able to teach myself. So I can really relate. I use that empathy to teach a class that hits home with every student.

    Becky has been working with Accounting and QuickBooks for over 20 years. She is a small business owner, has worked as a CFO and hiring manager, and has worked with small businesses and their capital/financing needs for years. She enjoys sharing her small business experience and QuickBooks knowledge with students.

  • Diana Papili

    Diana Papili

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I’m excited to teach people how to use QuickBooks the right way to make more intelligent business decisions. I want my students to have fun learning and using QuickBooks to reach their financial goals.

    Diana has “real world” small business experience, and has been self-employed much of her adult life. She understands the needs of business owners. Diana is a professional speaker/trainer and also has experience with marketing and advertising.

  • Jason Ruvaldt

    Teaching QuickBooks

    Learning how to use QuickBooks efficiently isn’t just good for your bottom line. It’s something that will allow you to more effectively manage and use your precious time, and that’s worth more than money.

    Jason began training people and businesses how to better use QuickBooks as a product developer, writing and contributing to many of our self-paced QuickBooks learning products. With his background in classroom education, however, Jason was eventually drawn to teaching QuickBooks as an instructor. Jason’s passion for education comes through in every class he teaches.

  • Cheryl Jones

    Cheryl Jones

    Teaching QuickBooks

    I’m delighted to teach our students the skills and tools they need to be more capable & confident in their jobs…and to prepare them to conquer QuickBooks with a smile!

    Cheryl’s range of "real world" training experience across multiple industries gives her a unique perspective and appreciation for the way QuickBooks can be customized for your business. She began using QuickBooks without a background in accounting and is living proof that unlocking the power of this amazing tool is well within your grasp. Cheryl is committed to your success and her enthusiastic & encouraging style makes it easy to have fun as you learn.

  • Chuck Dunn

    Chuck Dunn

    Teaching QuickBooks

    My goal is for every student to complete our Mastering QuickBooks Level 1 class convinced it was the best investment of training time and dollars they have ever made

    Chuck is a professional software trainer who loves helping people so they can go back to their office and use QuickBooks effectively. Chuck is able to convey the technical side of QuickBooks using everyday language that even the least-experienced user can easily understand. Plus, his upbeat personality and empathy for struggling students puts people at ease. He makes learning QuickBooks simple and enjoyable!

  • Susan Hagen

    Susan Hagen

    Teaching QuickBooks

    QuickBooks helps businesses be more successful, but most only use about 20 percent of the features. My goal is to help them unlock all those wonderful untapped features. When I see students eye’s light up with an “aha moment” it makes my day!

    Susan’s owned her own business for 16 years and learned QuickBooks the same way as many of her students...through trial and error. She has been a software trainer for over 10 years, and teaching QuickBooks for over 2 years. She has a background in accounting, training, software implementation and business development, and has worked in a variety of industries including Construction, Aerospace, Retail, IT, Food Services, and Medical. In addition to being an excellent QuickBooks instructor, Susan is also a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in QuickBooks Online, Desktop, and Enterprise Solutions.

  • J.P. Karpowicz

    J.P. Karpowicz

    Teaching QuickBooks

    My goal is to have every student feel more confident in their ability to use QuickBooks and to give users the ability to get the information they need to run their organization more effectively!

    J.P. has been using QuickBooks for 17 years. He has worked in public accounting, been a controller of an international wholesaler and the Chief Financial Officer of an insurance company. J.P. loves to teach and finds it exciting when students have that “aha moment” and discover a way to perform a QuickBooks task more efficiently. J.P. is a small business owner and enjoys sharing his business experience with other QuickBooks users.

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