Learning QuickBooks for Mac

Learning QuickBooks for Mac

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Get the confidence you need to use QuickBooks effectively! This class walks you step-by-step through the essentials you need to use QuickBooks Mac with confidence.

  • Over 2 hours of training.

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Learn to use QuickBooks the RIGHT way with CONFIDENCE!

A great introduction to QuickBooks Mac that includes basic bookkeeping fundamentals…without all the academic and technical jargon.

Follow your instructor step by step at your own pace.

You can watch the instructor step by step, pause the training, and practice what you learn.

* The QuickBooks for Mac training is not compatible with Windows.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Getting Started with QuickBooks
    • Why use QuickBooks? 
    • What is accounting? 
    • Setting up your company using the EasyStep Interview 
    • The New Business Checklist
    • Customizing online edition
    • Importing from QuickBooks desktop
    • Completing the setup of your data file 
  2. Orientation to the QuickBooks Program
    • Moving around QuickBooks 
    • Using the Company Snapshot feature 
    • Understanding the elements of the typical QuickBooks window 
    • Understanding lists and list types 
    • Rules for names lists (and what this means to you) 
    • Adding customers and vendors to lists 
  3. Bookkeeping Basics in QuickBooks
    • Introduction to the financial statements 
    • Understanding the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement 
    • Using Account types 
    • Adding accounts and subaccounts
    • Collapsing reports 
  1. Everyday Transactions
    • Setting up items for invoicing
    • Entering and printing invoices 
    • Receiving payments and making bank deposits
    • Entering and paying bills
    • Writing and printing checks
    • Voiding vs. deleting checks 
    • Running important reports 
  2. Essential QuickBooks Tasks
    • Reconciling the bank account 
    • Making a backup of your QuickBooks data 
    • To do list and messages
    • Consulting with your accountant (when and what for?) 
  3. Managing Your Business
    • Interpreting your financial statements 
    • Analyzing trends for your business
    • Using financial ratios to analyze your results
    • Basic business planning

This course is perfectly suited for:

  • New and intermediate QuickBooks for Mac users
  • Users who need a step-by-step walkthrough of QB for Mac

Do I need a CD or DVD player?

Yes! The course is available on either CD or DVD. If your computer has a DVD drive, we recommend the DVD version (most do). The content is identical whether your order the CD or DVD.

Do I need speakers or headphones?

This is not a "text based" course. You'll need speakers or headphones to listen to the training. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee on your CD/DVD training?

Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with the training, return it to us within 30 days from the shipping date, and you will receive a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges). We stand behind our products. No hassle. No question.

Does the course play on a regular DVD player (like with a television)?

No. You’ll need a PC with a CD or DVD player.

Does your training cover the most current version of QuickBooks?

Yes! We always teach the most current version. Don’t worry if you have an older version. Older versions work basically the same way and you’ll learn new and improved features!

Are the training courses hands-on?

Yes. If you have QuickBooks installed on your computer, you can pause the class and switch to QuickBooks to practice hands-on.

You offer products on CD and DVD. Which one should I choose?

The courses are identical whether you choose CD or DVD. The choice depends upon whether your computer has a DVD drive (most computers sold these days have a DVD drive). If your computer has a DVD drive, select the DVD version. The full course will fit on one DVD. If your computer has only a CD drive, choose the CD version. This means you'll need to switch CD's as you progress through the course.

Are the training courses easy to install?

Yes. Just place the CD or DVD into your computer's drive and the training software does the rest!

Do I need QuickBooks software on my computer to view the training?

No. Our special training interface installs all the software you need on any computer.

Can I put this training on my network or hard drive instead of using a DVD or CD?

This is not currently an option.

Can I copy the training for other persons in the office?

The training is copyrighted and it is illegal to make copies. You may purchase additional discounted copies by calling our office at 800-564-2688.

I have a Mac. Can I use your QuickBooks training courses?

Most of our QuickBooks training courses run on the PC. However, we do have one course that runs on the Mac titled Learning QuickBooks Mac.

Do you offer discounts on the CD/DVD classes?

Yes. If you register for a live class, you receive discounts on the CD/DVD classes. Just call 800-564-2688 and ask a training advisor about your discount. Click here to learn about live training.

I just placed an order for a CD/DVD class. When will I receive the discs?

You will receive your training in 5 to 7 business days. If you need it more quickly, please call our office at 800-546-2688.

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